St. Petersburg Institute of Law named after Prince P.G. Oldenburgsky

St. Petersburg Institute of Law named after Prince P.G. Oldenburgsky (former St.Petersburg Law School) was established in 1992 being one of the first private universities in Russia. The name symbolizes an idea of renewing the best traditions of the Emperor School of Jurisprudence (1835-1918), established by Prince P.G.Oldenburgsky, such as earlier law-related education, practice-oriented legal education focusing on professional ethics of lawyers.

The Institute has trained over 600 lawyers who now work as judges, civil servants, members of the Bar, and business lawyers.

Since 2013, the Institute operates in the form of a non-governmental entity for vocational and continuing professional education. Its mission is to serve as an innovation center (incubator) of programs and projects in education and law, aimed at developing the ability to resolve social problems by legal and other non-violent procedures.

The Institute operates as a training center since 1995, when it created a legal clinic. The Institute is an information and training center for law clinics in Russia and former Soviet countries.The Institute conducted dozens of training programs on skills development, professional responsibility, international human rights, a series of summer and winter schools for students “Human Rights Academy » (1999-2005, 2012-2016), training programs for clinic supervisors, and projects aimed at creating specialized legal clinics. Since 2003, it has established an Inter-university legal clinic and in 2006, a regional non-governmental organization «Open Legal Clinic of St. Petersburg». The Clinical Legal Education Foundation established in 2005 was integrated into Clinical Legal Education Center of the Institute in 2010. Since 2008, the Institute has been implementing a program of interdisciplinary discussion «Law and Society». The Institute in collaboration has run a Pro Bono Club and an Information Center for free legal aid in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The Institute continues international cooperation with law clinics in the world, including the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE). The Institute has realized several programs on professional development and training of trainers for practising lawyers of the Bar. The Institute run an annual Moot Court competition for law students «Amicus Curiae» in English.

The Institute is a center for law-related and civic education. It was a national partner of the program Civitas-Russia. Since 1996, the Institute has been implementing the project «Living Law» . «Living Law» offers curriculum for high school students and teachers to conduct interactive classes. This curriculum as well as a new interactive course of civic education «Civica», has been developed, published and distributed among 50 regions of Russia. The Institute holds an annual regional Moot Court competition, legal Olympiad for high school students of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The Institute conducted dozens training programs on interactive teaching methods for trainers, NGO activists, students and teachers. The Institute promotes the model of Street Law/Living Law clinic among Russian law schools. Since 2012, the Institute has organized and trained teams of Russian high school students for the International Moot Court competitions.